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Saturday, 09 Sep 2017
by Kord Campbell

Announcing Wisdom

Today, I'm announcing the first release of the Wisdom API.

Wisdom's APIs are divided into two sections. The first is comprised of Wisdom's Service APIs. The service APIs provide for adding and controlling other APIs which are proxied through the service's API endpoints.

The second section of Wisdom's APIs represent those endpoints which are forwarded to APIs located in the public cloud or on-premise. Calls to these APIs are currently done through Wisdom's API host, but later on they will be able to be proxied by anyone, even other API providers.

Here's an example calling's APIs for exchange rates through Wisdom's secure API:

$ curl | python -m json.tool

    "base": "EUR",
    "date": "2017-09-08",
    "rates": {
        "AUD": 1.4881,
        "BGN": 1.9558,
        "BRL": 3.7256,
        "TRY": 4.1191,
        "USD": 1.206,
        "ZAR": 15.512

Payment Channels

Wisdom's service APIs will eventually handle payment channels associated with API calls proxied through the service. The term "payment channels" refers to TCP/IP calls made between various Lightning nodes using the Lightning Network protocol. The plan is to back these channels with both the Litecon and Bitcoin blockchains.

You can imagine a payment channel to be similar to a socket connection, where the connection passes signed transactions back and forth between parties interested in selling or buying access to various API calls and credentials. These signed transactions can be created in a few milliseconds by parties talking on a given payment channel and can be post-dated like an IOU to both the Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains.

Adding Revenue to the APIs

The idea behind Wisdom is to apply payment channels to existing API method calls by using a proxy service which is aware of payments being promised or posted to various blockchains. Anyone with access to an API can add the API and their credentials to Wisdom, creating an asset which then be placed in a blockchain transaction.

In the coming few months I'll be working on adding payments to the existing service APIs and proxy service Wisdom provides. The first required payments for calling an API method will likely be for adding new APIs with stored credentials.

If you have a feature request or need help using the Wisdom APIs, be sure to stop by the Gitter channel!

To the moon!